Search Engine Optimisation

Rank high on search engines – get ahead of your competition.

At Raster Graphix, we strive to bring your website right at the top position!

Professional SEO Services for serious website marketing involves deep Research, Analysis, Planning and Monitoring. Giving due importance to every SEO activity, we are a search engine optimization service (SEO) company in Melbourne, Australia that provides SEO solutions that fulfil SEO needs for every type of business.

We use cost-effective manual search engine optimization that will suit your business needs so you need not depend on free internet marketing tools, free online marketing services and use similar free search engine marketing and other free search engine optimization strategies that seldom work.

Our team comprises of skilled SEO specialists and consultants that work to bring best results and improve your website positions in Google and other Search Engines. Our company professional follow latest SEO strategies with a planned methodology that works best for your business.

SEO Services in Melbourne, Australia

We optimize your website in accordance with the guidelines of search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increase your site’s visibility in search engines for your business related keywords. More about ourWe offer individually or as a complete SEO Campaign. Regardless of whether you opt for in-house SEO and decide to implement it yourself or you would rather entrust a professional partner with the implementation. You can execute the appropriate SEO modules according to your needs:

  • Keyword Research
  • Website Analyze
  • Link Building
  • Content/Copy Writing
  • SEO Advice
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Complete SEO Service

How can our SEO services help you?

We believe SEO for Website Promotion is not just another Business Campaign, its Science!

Our team of SEO Professionals have ability to perform the serious and efficient analysis of nature of your business and to formulate the ways to attract potential clients and customers towards your Business website.

Our Web Marketing Engineers very well understand and presume that same SEO Procedure, Marketing Plan and Campaign Process cannot be blindly applied to all business and all websites.

We see, we analyze, we calculate, we plan, we struggle, and we win.

The Referencing a website can increase your visibility on search engines. Remember that a website is only effective if it is visited! You could expand your markets through SEO on internet!

Some services related to listing on search engines:

  • Analysis of the architecture of your site and technology recommendations for a better ranking
  • Search keywords and develop a glossary
  • Optimizing existing pages or create new pages as needed
  • Help with the acquisition of bonds
  • Monitoring and continuous optimization

Did you know that a site must be optimized in terms of programming, especially in the case of a self-managed site? Also, did you know that the text that make up your site has a strong influence on the positioning of your website on Search Engines? Good Internet SEO strategy develops from the creation of the tree of your site.


The results of a study of more than 2 million visitors (20,000 visitors from 100 countries) shows that over 50% of user queries consist of 2 or 3 keywords (respectively 28.38% and 27.15%). The small part of a single query keyword (13.5%) is due to the irrelevance of the findings, it is surprising to note that only 30% of applications are composed of more than 4 keywords.

For an initial free consultation regarding personal SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing we are always at your disposal.

Most importantly, we know there is no alternative to Hard Work!