HTML 5 App Development

‘App’ – It is a flashy word in use now-a-days in the world of internet and mobile. Application software is what it means, and it is bewildering to see how many such apps are being updated at a rapid pace, HTML 5 being the latest. And to keep you ahead in the rat race it becomes so important to be updated about the latest technology.

We, here at Raster Graphix do exactly this, keep ourselves ahead of time and leave no stone unturned to see you reach the heights of glory by in turn keeping the users of your services happy!

“HTML 5 is here to stay, and so is Raster Graphix”

What does HTML 5 provide?

  • Includes new elements of video, audio, canvas and integration of vector graphics
  • Handling multimedia and graphical content on the web becomes easier without having to resort to plugins and APIs
  • Other elements such as section, article, header, nav enrich the semantic content of documents
  • Designed to be compatible with all old browsers so that new constructs are safely ignored and syntax errors be treated uniformly
  • It has multi platform support including offline support and freedom from app store restrictions
  • It is being willingly incorporated and implemented by big IT giants like Google only to prove that it is a great tool to build up on technological elements
  • With its global attributes it is a notch above the rest – HTML 4 and XHTML

What will we do?

  • Render improved, innovative and business-centric HTML 5 applications that will not only harness the potential of your products and services but will also provide a means of achieving what you have envisioned for your business
  • Our developers provide cross-platform capable HTML 5 apps so that your website can feature through any software or device and every means of display is captured where your business can be featured
  • Our personnel have attained the zenith in HTML 5 applications through our diverse clientele making possible delivery of cutting edge technology equipped websites.
  • Generate a constant traffic to your business website using HTML 5 to achieve and create easy navigation options
  • Bank on the mentality of the target audience of being attracted to user friendly and attractive websites to come back to it repeatedly

How do we differ?

  • We provide cost-effective applications for your website without settling for mediocre work
  • We use the newer elements included in HTML 5 of improved visuals and sounds to update your website and in turn boost your online business
  • We make an appropriate application of these features of HTML 5 to your website so that the user gets an excellent overview in few seconds that he opens the page only to get engaged in the colours and graphics
  • Our sincere efforts and the promising outcome will prove a sensible investment with high returns as you strive to reach the maximum possible audience
  • Our continuous endeavour is to make your online presence felt by giving your users the best and unique viewer experience